The Australia Working Holiday Visa Checklist

The Australia Working Holiday Visa is a great opportunity for young adults who wish to travel to Australia and support themselves at the same time. If you think this is the perfect move for you, read on for some tips that will help the settling process.

Seek guidance

There’s nothing quite like investing in that extra professional guidance and having it pay off when you find out something that could have potentially delayed your visa application or caused you trouble. Likewise, you can look out for australian visa consultants in hyderabad and it is recommended that you invest in this so you have a professional guiding hand when it comes to your visa.

Have backups

Your documents are one thing you definitely do not need to be losing on this venture. On the off chance that something does happen to them, however, you will need a backup option to keep you from hitting the peak of your stress levels. It is better that you keep copies of all your important documents, including your passport, government documents, driver’s license etc. – and make sure you keep the backups separate from your originals so they don’t get lost as well.

Handle money matters

You’re technically required to have 5000 AUD for this visa but don’t forget to have some extra dollars in cash in case of emergency once you make the move to Australia. You should also look for potential Australian banks for you to open an account and either set up one before you arrive or see to it as soon as you arrive. Then you’ve to see to the transfer of cash between accounts. If you want to avoid transfer fees and high rates, consider enlisting the help of a money transfer service when transferring your cash from one account to another.

Settle communication matters

Another important thing you’re going to have to see to within your first few weeks isgetting yourself an Australian phone number. You can do your research beforehand to find out rates but the most commendable carriers are Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone etc.

Check your driving license rules

With each state, the validity of your driving license differs. Some may allow you to use your foreign license for a minimum of 3 months whereas others are more lenient. It is best that you do your research and not fall into trouble along the way.

This visa normally entails that you work for no longer than 6 months with a given employer at a time, which is more acceptable when considering part time jobs so it is a great opportunity for those who are more interested in experiencing the culture and travelling. But remember to be informed about the processes and restrictions of your state and not go into this without doing the relevant research.


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